Heatwave reveals ghostly outline of Longleat’s Lost Gardens

 Glimpses of the lost 17th-century garden of Longleat have been revealed in a series of intriguing new drone images.   The fascinating contours of long-lost walls, walkways, fountains and flowerbeds dating back to the 1600s have become  as striking as the parchment marks from the current heatwave.   The tracks appear because the ground above the buried landscape features is shallower than the surrounding environment. During prolonged hot dry weather, the grass above these features becomes strained and dies, revealing ghostly shadows of what remains below the surface.   To the east of the stately Elizabethan home in Wiltshire, part of a 70-acre French-Dutch formal Baroque garden designed by George London in the 1680s for Thomas Thynne,  Viscount Weymouth, has been preserved. revealed.   The gardens feature canals with waterfalls and fountains, ball courts, statues, flower gardens, mazes and  bowling alleys, an ornamental desert, and The Grove - a forest garden interspersed with trees. c